(CAN) Flawless Blend Moisturizing Leave-In Creme 2 oz TRAVEL SIZE

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(CAN) Flawless Blend Moisturizing Leave-In Creme 2 oz TRAVEL SIZE

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Our leave-in crème is infused with Vita-Seal™ Complex to seamlessly blend the natural hair with hair extensions and add thermal protection while Amla oil and Argan oil tame frizz, nourish dry ends and add shine.

  • Blends natural hair with hair extensions.
  • Protects from heat damage.
  • For all hair extension application methods.


  • Vita-Seal™ Complex preserves the hair’s integrity and prevents future breakage. It comprises a proprietary blend of nutrients and vitamins: Trehalose 100:hydrates hair to prevent moisture loss. Vitamin B5: seals the cuticles, making the hair look shinier and thicker. Coffee Seed Oil: acts as a natural source of keratin to fortify the hair while nourishing the scalp. Avocado Oil: moisturizes and shields against damage.
  • Natural Humectant Blend – Glycerin + Trehalose: Effective humectants that attract moisture to strands. Strengthens hair and prevents split ends.
  • Nourishing Oil Blend – Amla Oil: Promotes hair health. Smoothes and nourishes. Adds shine, strengthens and adds volume. – Argan Oil: Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Smoothes frizz, seals split ends, and softens strands. Nourishes hair, improves elasticity and restores shine to dull, lifeless hair. – Sesame Seed Oil: Protects hair from heat damage by cooling from the inside out. Natural UV protectant, shields hair from harmful rays and other environmental aggressors. Revitalizes damaged hair. –
  • Protein Blend (Panthenol + Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein): Moisturizes hair and prevents dehydration. Forms a fine film on strands that smooths the cuticle to enhance light reflection and leave tresses looking shinier and glossier. – ChromoHance: Patented technology proven to maintain color vibrancy through 10 washes. Long lasting conditioning and repair. Improves vibrancy, dimension and shine.

INCLUDES: Tube 2 oz

To learn more about our hair care technology, please visit our Hair Care FAQ

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(CAN) Flawless Blend Moisturizing Leave-In Creme 2 oz TRAVEL SIZE

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