034 Motorsport 4” Turbo Inlet Pipe, Audi 8S TTRS & 8V.5 RS3

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034 Motorsport 4” Turbo Inlet Pipe, Audi 8S TTRS & 8V.5 RS3

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The 034Motorsport 4” Turbo Inlet Pipe for the 2.5 TFSI EVO in the Audi 8S TTRS & 8V.5 RS3 is an essential upgrade to optimize power by eliminating a crucial flow restriction in the intake tract. The 4” Turbo Inlet Pipe is cast from A356 Aluminum and utilizes CNC-Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Turbo Inlet Adapters that perfectly mate to allow smooth air entry into the compressor housing. This Turbo Inlet Pipe retains provisions for the factory PCV system fitting in the factory location.The 034Motorsport 4” Turbo Inlet Pipe is designed for use with 4” intakes. The CNC Machined edge retains the inlet hose securely to the inlet pipe. This will not fit Right-Hand Drive vehicles.


The optimized volume through the elbow bend and smooth transition into the compressor housing translates into substantially higher airflow than the OEM turbo inlet as well as other competitors on the market. Airflow improvements can lead to higher horsepower and torque gains in applications that require higher airflow.


  • Cast from A356 Aluminum
  • Compressor Inlet Flange Machined for Smooth Airflow Into Compressor Housing
    • CNC Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Turbo Inlet Adapter to Match Turbo Inlet for Maximum Airflow
      • Stock Turbo – 56.5mm
      • Optional Adapter Ring Available Separately for TTE700 – 62.8mm
  • Designed to Work with 4” Intake Tubes
  • 38% Increase in Flow at 28” of H2O Over Factory Turbo Inlet
    • Stock Inlet – 503 CFM
    • 034Motorsport Inlet (Stock Turbo Ring) – 693 CFM
    • 034Motorsport Inlet (62.8mm Ring) – 758 CFM
  • CNC Machined Edge Retains Intake Coupler Securely
  • CNC Machined to Retain OE PCV Hose
  • Proven Power/Torque & Airflow Gains
  • Direct Bolt-On Installation


  • 07K-133-359-G
  • 07k-133-359-H


  • 4” Turbo Inlet
  • Turbo Adapter Ring, with O-Ring – 56.5mm for Stock Turbo

034 Motorsport 4” Turbo Inlet Pipe, Audi 8S TTRS & 8V.5 RS3